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In our shop you will find a selection of products related to green coffee, sensory education and the fine enjoyment of exclusive coffees. Have a look …

Products are divided into different categories. SCA course sample sets are only available to certified AST trainers. The corresponding sets are available for Green Coffee and Sensory Skills courses in Foundation, Intermediate and Professional levels. A selection of the exclusive specialty coffees and microlots for coffee lovers are listed under Green Coffee. The new Tasting Sets include various samples and offer the opportunity to learn more about coffee quality. Each set is dedicated to a specific theme. Our program Stay Fit for Cupping is for professional cuppers and those who want to calibrate themselves regularly. Current Courses as Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) modules and Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) training programs are also available in the shop and can be booked directly.

If you would like to purchase the exclusive SCA course samples, please follow the link below and register there with your AST number.

If you are already activated for these products, you will also find a corresponding login mask there.