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Great Coffee is not only a matter of good beans

In order to get the best possible drop out of each bean, every individual within the supply chain needs to know its business. With this attitude we share our knowledge with everybody who wants to expand his or her coffee horizon and learn new things about this fascinating product.

We offer SCA and CQI courses in our certified lab in Zug. Our current program is apparent right below and in the shop under courses you can register directly.

Do you have any questions about our course program? Please contact us. We are here to help you to find the necessary training for your personal objectives. If you want to know a bit more about our location in Zug, please study the document Accommodation and Travel.

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The Specialty Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a non-profit organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals; from producers to baristas all over the world.

Administered by the SCA and taught by authorized SCA trainers around the globe, this program offers education for every stage of your career.

We implement the SCA training program by offering the following courses:

Learn about the key concepts surrounding green coffee: production, processing, grading, shipping, storage, arrival at destination, as well as coffee contracts and portfolio management.

Learn about the essentials of sensory evaluation in a practical and interactive manner. This module investigates the way we perceive what we taste. You learn how to evaluate coffee’s natural characteristics and how to implement this knowledge in business.

Each module is available in three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.

Find out more about the coffee skills program on the official SCA website.

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Coffee Quality Institute

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it.

They provide training and technical assistance to coffee producers and other individuals in the supply chain to increase value, volume, and sustainability of high quality coffee production.

CQI has worked on a multitude of coffee programs in Central and South America, East Africa, Indonesia and Asia, completing over 500 training assignments while building a common language of quality used throughout the supply chain.

We implement the CQI training program by offering the following workshops:

  • Q Arabica Cupping Essentials
  • Q Arabica Combo Training and Exam Course
  • Q Arabica Calibration Course
  • Q Robusta Cupping Essentials
  • Q Robusta Combo Training and Exam Course
  • Q Robusta Calibration Course

Find out more about CQI and its courses on the official CQI website.

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