NKG Quality Concept

To achieve our goals, we have developed the NKG Quality Concept. This involves deepening and sharing knowledge about coffee qualities through the introduction of rigorous standards and the training of NKG quality professionals. In this way, we contribute to NKG companies’ ability to deliver coffees that are accurate to the quality specifications of roasters. We also offer comprehensive training and services for third parties.

NKG Quality Service

Taste the world and evaluate it neutrally

What we do

Coffee – tested for you

As a quality consulting unit within Neumann Kaffee Gruppe we get the chance to taste coffees from all around the world. We not only have access to the most remote spots where coffee grows but also benefit from an interactive exchange of our expertise with exporting and other importing countries. We take this opportunity and offer a unique and a matter-of-fact service to our customers and to everybody who wants an objective and neutral product evaluation.

Besides individual requests we offer the following services:

  • Official Q-Coffee Certification based on CQI’s Q-Grading program
  • Sensory evaluation
  • Green coffee analysis: defect count, humidity, density and screen size measurements
  • Roasted coffee analysis: color measurement
  • Product development: cup and roast profiles, blends, testing of new devices
  • Individual sensory and green coffee training
  • CQI and SCA courses
  • Lab rent
  • Access to origin including to our coffee farms in Brazil, Mexico and Uganda
  • Coffee farm know-how

First Incountry-Partner

of CQI in Europe

Our Team

The people at NKG Quality Service

Gloria Pedroza

NKG Quality Manager

Gloria Pedroza

According to the legend, originated from the best beans of Guatemala. Could spend hours philosophizing about lovely and beautifully shaped beans. Becomes weak with Asian food and Gruyère cheese. Sensory is her synonym.

Tirza Odermatt

Lab Manager

Tirza Odermatt

Logistics professional, used to ship coffee from Mexico, Brazil and Uganda into the world. A jute bag designer and calligraphy sympathizer. Coffee sensory analysis is her new passion.