Guatemala SHB+ Fraijanes Finca San Bernardo

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Sales unit 1 kg of Green Coffee
Variety Bourbon and Typica
Processing Washed and sun-dried
Flavor slightly floral, orange, caramel



The story of Finca San Bernardo began far away from its current location. Reginaldo Figueroa, lived on a coffee plantation in Cobán, a region that produced and exported quality coffee to Germany. He grew up in Cobán, surrounded by forests, birds, local languages and the citric, snow white blooms of coffee plantations. After graduating from law school in Guatemala city he married and worked as an attorney and founded Finca San Bernardo in 1967. He did not work alone at the farm. Amparo,his wife, gave her best, with the help of Faustino and Everildo Padilla, who after forty years, continue to work at the farm.Amparo continued managing Finca San Bernardo untilher retirement at age 85. Now, the family business is run by the next generation.

Finca San Bernardo can be described as one of the best quality coffee producers and mill processing farms in the region, thanks to generations of knowledge handed down and preserved through practice. The whole area was original planted with Nispero, a local fruit tree which shades the coffee trees.

Country Guatemala
Region Fraijanes
Farm Finca San Bernardo
Altitude 1350 – 1375 m.a.s.l.
Data sheet Guatemala SHB+ Fraijanes Finca San Bernaro [PDF]


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