ICP – Q Coffee Evaluation

CHF 343.55 zzgl. MwSt


Would you like to have the quality of your coffee analysed and certified?
Then this offer is just right for you!
Required 2 kgs green coffee samples
Registration in the CQI-database
Delivery to NKG Quality Service
c/o Bernhard Rothfos Intercafé AG
Bahnhofstrasse 22
CH-6300 Zug


How does the Q Coffee certification process work?
These are the steps:

  1. The sample owner registers the coffee in the CQI database (see “How-to-Submit-a-Sample-for-Q-Evaluation”).
  2. The sample owner selects our laboratory from the in-Country Partner in the CQI database.
  3. Sending 2kg green coffee samples with CQI reference number to our laboratory.
    The invoice must be paid before delivery.
  4. Upon arrival the samples are coded and are sent to 3 different certified Q Graders.
  5. The licensed Q Graders evaluate the sample following the Q Grading protocol. The evaluation is done blindly.
  6. The Q Graders submit their scores via CQI database.
  7. ICP reviews the scores and sends them to CQI in the U.S. for the final check and validation.
  8. CQI confirms the scores to the sample owner via CQI database within aprox. 8 working days after sample reception.
  9. If a sample reaches a minimum of 80 points, it will get a Q Coffee certificate and a full report with the results. The sample owner can use the certification to promote the coffee.
  10. If the achieved score is below 80 points, the sample owner will get a detailed report, but won’t get the Q Coffee certificate.

Validity of the certification
Once the coffee obtains the Q Coffee certificate, it is valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

Coffee specifications
One sample per exportable lot may be submitted. Green coffee from a single farm corresponding to one lot can be submitted and evaluated. The maximum lot size is defined by a standard container for that country of export (250 – 300 bags; 50 – 70 kg bags, depending on the country). For the sake of clarity and accuracy, a general concept of coffee blends that may be evaluated was defined as follows. A blend can be:

  • Any coffees from a single farm but different varietals, are considered one unique lot of coffee.
  • Any coffee from a region, occasionally from several producers, composed of different varietals, is also considered one unique lot of coffee.

Sample quantity required
2 kgs of green coffee per lot

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