Stay Fit for Cupping Arabica | additional cupper

CHF 100.00 zzgl. MwSt

Additional access for one user to the Cropster Cup Application of Stay Fit for Cupping Arabica

A maximum of 3 additional cuppers are allowed per annual subscription.

Please note the names and corresponding e-mail addresses of the coffee testers in order notes when checking out.


Cupping Session
22 – 26
Feb 2021
17 – 21
May 2021
23 – 27
Aug 2021
22 – 26
Nov 2021
registration deadline
25.01.2021 19.04.2021 26.07.2021 25.10.2021

Further information is available here: Stay Fit for Cupping Arabica – The Cuppers calibration tool [PDF]



Cropster Cup captures your evaluations whenever and wherever you are. It is always by your side and inviting people to join you is simple. Cropster Cup is customizable and has hundreds of cupping sheets including industry standards like SCA or CoE. It runs on any smartphone or tablet and is fully integrated with your Cropster account.

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