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It’s well known that one of the factors influencing the aroma/flavor formation in coffee is related to the botanical species and varietals. Processing is another important factor and has gained more relevance during the last years. It’s difficult to understand the impact caused by the different factors if one cannot taste different coffee varieties from the same farm, grown under the same conditions.

This is the reason why we created a new tasting set series where different concepts related to the factors influencing the flavor formation in coffee will be covered.

In Set #1 we present coffees from Coffea Diversa in Costa Rica. This coffee garden has the largest private collection of coffee botanical variants in the world with more than 700 specimens so far.

The set contains five Arabica varietals, four of them were processed as “Winey Carbonic Maceration”. In this processing method un-pulped cherries are placed inside containers to ferment in a carbon dioxide rich environment.

As bonus we included a rare wild variety from Ethiopia, which was processed as honey coffee.

A booklet with the processing, variety information and cupping information will be sent with your set.

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