Yemen Mocca Matari

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Sales unit 1 kg of Green Coffee
Variety Ismaili, Typica, Matari, Bourbon
Processing Natural
Roasted cacao nibs, a hint of cinnamon, raisins



Matari – Sayhee Coffee comes from a slightly sloped deep intermountain valley in the traditional coffee growing area of Bani matar. The elevation of the Al-Sayh (the micro lot of coffee named after) valley is between 1500-1700 meter above sealevel. Subtropical climate conditions prevail in the area with a spring and summer rainfall average of 300 mm and dry fall and winter. This location coffee is of a favorable quality due to the availability of supplementary irrigation from a permanent upper valley spring. Thus, enabling farmers to control flowering time and avoiding water stress during bean development.

The green coffee exporter “Pearl of Tehama” established a traceability network for collection and inspection of the Matari – Sayhee Coffee, which is cultivated by small farmers on terraces.


Country Yemen
Region Al-Sayh, Bani Matar
Farm 45 farmers
Altitude 1500 – 1700 m.a.s.l.
Data sheet Yemen Mocca Matari [PDF]


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